Basic VET 

Basic VET Diploma

In agreement with the LOMCE, the newly passed law on education, the Initial Vocational Training Programmes (PCPIs), were withdrawn in September 2014 and consequently, a new level of vocational training was implemented, the so called Basic VET, covering so far 21 different diploma programmes. According to information and data provided by the Autonomous Communities, the number of enrolled students amounts to 34 688 students during the 2014-2015 academic year for the whole of Spain.

The target group for this training level is students aged 15 years, having completed their third year of Compulsory Secondary Education, and their teachers’ team and parents joint assessment is to continue in the education system and enrol in Basic VET programmes. This training, unlike the previous PCPIs, is leading to official qualifications with academic and professional value and therefore, those students awarded with a Basic VET Diploma can access Intermediate VET programmes.

The flexibility of the system not only affects the vertical progression in VET, but also the horizontal flow between different educational programmes: The law allows students awarded with a Basic VET Diploma to obtain also the ESO diploma by passing the relevant core subjects at the final exam of Compulsory Secondary Education.

Basic VET Diploma at the Polytechnic of Granada

  1. Basic Skilled Operator in Computing and Communications
  2. Basic Skilled Operator in Electricity and Electronics
  3. Basic Skilled Operator in Vehicle Maintenance