Strategics Aims

Educational project of the Polytechnic of Granada

Since its creation the Polytechnic IES Hermenegildo Lanz of Granada has permanently constructed educational and formative environments adjusted to the social and productive demand of Granada, decisively focusing in the economic development of our province. For almost 80 years our school has consolidated itself into the leading promoter and the backbone structure of Granada’s vocational training, providing technical staff with the professional skills required by companies. The IES Politécnico of Granada by developing various activities has established itself as a meeting point and collaboration between multiple agents in the area, specially among sectors of the economic activity and entities of the social economy. Thus, for example, it participates in acts and events in which are often present representatives of the business, politics and social world. In the several forums that are organised in the centre multiple spaces for mutual knowledge are created for the discussion and debate on current and future needs. Therefore, our centre because of its status, is and impartial agent, with the skill to be an unifying force, sharing and driving collective activities and more outward looking than the rest of the agents of our environment in order to reinforce the connection between Vocational Training and the education system with other entities or institutions and with the Administration. The knowledge that develops on the changes and trends that are occurring in education, technical and vocational training in the young people and their impact on labor markets, makes our centre a cornerstone for the development of the Secondary Post-Compulsory Education’s strategy, Lifelong Learning and Vocational Training.

For its long tradition and its firm determination to strengthen the competitiveness of Granada, the Polytechnic IES Hermenegildo Lanz support a different education and vocational training, a formation that assumes changing situations, adapted to the needs of business, environment and people that train. Towards the enhancement of skills and knowledge, to have human capital well prepared, we aim to provide professionals to the new employment opportunities, we seek to retain our talent, with a future approach orientated towards specialization, quality and excellence with robust systems of monitoring and anticipation. Everything combined with mechanisms that assure equity and social cohesion.

In conclusion, for an Education and Vocational Training transformed in future, a stronger education, for a better Granada of progress… for a better life.