IES POLITECNICO HERMENEGILDO LANZ is a Secondary and Vocational School, therefore our institution choose partners according to the specialities that are taught and the expected profit in terms of training and education for either outgoing/ingoing students and staff. At present we are engaged in a COMENIUS Multilateral School Partnership named:
1. Renewable energy sources- efficiency, profitability, acceptance- opportunities of electro mobility 2012-1-DE3-COM06- 27380, and two Leonardo Projects named: Innovative practices in Europe in Mechanics and Electricity: seeking a better future 2013-1-ES1- LEO01-68824 and Growing with training in Europe 2012-1-ES1-LEO01-48306. In order to find partners we used the website eTwinning and EREIVET. Our partners are from a Vocational School in Bad Neustadt – Germany, a Secondary School in Istanbul- Turkey and a Vocational School in Fiorli – Italy. We have applied for a Erasmus+ project (KA1) named: “Innovative Practices in Europe in Mechanical, Electrical and Computer: in search of a better future” 2014-1- ES01-KA102-002326 with partners in Italy and Germany; and also we have applied for a Erasmus+ project (KA2) named: C-Green, with partners in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. The main source of contacts is trough internet (ICT, social networks, eTwinning).
Thanks to our Regional Government we have contacted with the “Industrie und Handel Kammer” of Hannover, in accordance to a mobility program named MOVIT2 and we have send in the past years 32 students to the following countries: Ireland, Austria, Italy, Germany, France and Holland.
We collaborate also with the company MEP EUROPROJECTS GRANADA. Through this company we have had contact with schools from different countries and projects (PLMLdV/ PLM / 2013 / RO / 094, LLP-LdV / VETPRO / 2013 / RO /324, LLPLdV/VETPRO / 2013 / 078, LLP-LDv / VETPRO/2012/RO/318, LLP-LdV/VETPRO-11-IT-208) and we have conducted briefings with incoming staff of those schools in order to inform them about Spanish Education system, Vocational Education in Spain, School Organization and Management, Conducting Extracurricular Activities and Education for Peace and Human Values.
2.- We are open to collaborate with HEI and companies of all the European Union and associated countries.

3.- The most important objectives of our mobility activities are:

  • encourage and promote mobility of outgoing/incoming students and staff 
  • encourage and promote the sense of European citizenship.
  • improvement of personal, technical and social competences of students
  • improvement of personal, technical (e.g. ICT), social and teaching competences of staff
  • improvement of language skills of outgoing/incoming students and staff
  • Improvement of cultural knowledge, appreciate and respect the cultural
  • differences among countries and regions of Europe
  • to be autonomous and independent, fearless of learning, working and living in Europe
  • inform about Europass documents (European Skills Passport, Europass mobility document; Language Passport; Diploma Supplement and Certificate Suplement) and their advantages as tools for European Mobility
  • to help students to fulfill their own Curriculum Vitae Europass, as well as Language passport
  • issue/provide the Europass Mobility document to incoming/outgoing students and staff facilitate access to the labor market to students
  • improve the relationship with HEIs in Europe
  • to come into contact with companies of Europe
  • establish lasting agreements with HEI, companies and European institutions
  • improve teaching practice through the interchange of experiences with other European HEIs.

Erasmus Charter PHL 
Carta Erasmus PHL

ECHE Selection 2015
Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. Application eForm
Call for proposals EACEA/15/2014
Selección ECHE 2015
Carta Erasmus para la Educación Superior. Aplicación de formularios electrónicos.
Convocatoria de propuestas EACEA/15/2014

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